Business Website Design Tips

We have come up with a collection of the most important website design tips from our specialists on optimizing your website.

Are the design trends of sites important?

There are broadly two aspects in designing a website: functionality and impact

With regard to functionality, it is fundamental for people to know and understand how to use your site. In general, people are accustomed to certain protocols regarding usage of websites. We advise you to stick to the standard protocol to enhance the ease of usage of your site. You can include additional items, but the essence must remain self-evident. You must optimise your website to be usable on all the possible devices that your visitors may use.

Images are mandatory for all websites. With the right set of pictures, you can establish an emotional connection with your visitors, which is a key factor to drive long-term sales. The emotional side of the brain is what is active while viewing images. By using images that are genuine, human and impactful, you can create a lasting positive impact on your visitors.

What is the perfect text to image balance?

The number of images and their size must be an integral part of branding discussions. The size and placement of images convey a profound message to the target market. Most websites aimed at the economy class are generally crammed up with a lot of pictures. They look like supermarket shelves with its abundance of colour and detail.

In the case of luxury brands, they utilise fewer high-quality images strategically placed in the right places. They invest in images that are compelling, conceptual, emotional and artistic to add more value to their product or service offering.

How do you get the best images for your website?

You should never use images directly from Google image search. Always use stock images offered by various sites to avoid copyright issues.

What’s the most ideal approach to starting up a retail site?

The templates offered by websites like Shopify is a good place to begin. There is a lot of things that can be done with sites like Shopify. You can get a website tailored to your needs but will be considerably more expensive and you would need a lot of resources as well.

If you are fixed on getting a unique website, then do some research on the agency expect to be working with to get this done. Firms that claim to offer the world for nothing are not always the best option.

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